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The rule of the mages have come to an end.

Their magic, once so powerful enough to keep the lands safe, is now vanquished under the steel resolution of the Branded Knights.

Once great and brave heroes, their remains now stand again, corrupted and rotten, choking the lands in their dark grasp.

Shadows, like stalking predators, crawl out from the forsaken corners of the land.

Character Size: 131x139x123mm
Largest piece: 108x53x103mm

All prints are done in high 8k resolution with high quality resin in either light or dark grey.  This statue is unassembled and not painted or primed.

We take pride in our prints and care in cleaning, curing, and packaging, but because this is a 3D printed item it may have some blemishes or other minor errors. The statue may be printed in separate pieces and will require assembly, but usually not more than a few pieces.  You can refer to this photo when assembling.

*comes unpainted and unassembled 

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