Pre Order Policy

We take pride in providing the best products to our customers at the best prices and customer services is a top priority. With that being said, the best way for us to minimize costs is to make sure we are not ordering large amounts of products to sit on our shelves.  That is why we have the following policy in place.


Pre orders are paid for at the time it is placed.  We will ship orders once they arrive.  Due to the high demand for these products, the manufacturer may apply delays to shipping.  We will NOT cancel your order.  If there is a delay, we will simply inform you via email and once your order has shipped we will update you again.  The only way we will cancel an order on our customer's pre orders, is if the manufacturer has stated that they will no longer make runs of the product and we will no longer be receiving shipments.  That being said, we will work to get your order out as fast as possible.  If there is allocation shortages, which have been happening quite a lot because of covid, and we are not allotted the amount of product we pre ordered initially, then you have the option to refund your order or wait until there is a restock.


Second, We will never, and we repeat never, raise the prices on our products during Pre Order Rounds.  While the Pre Order is open, the price will stay the same, we will keep pre orders open, only for certain periods of time.  So get your pre order locked in.