Gunpla: Full Mechanics 1/100 - Mobile Suit Gundam SEED #001 Calamity Gundam


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  • The Calamity Gundam from MS Gundam Seed, a series popular among fans will be available and joins the new format series Full Mechanics
  • The joint gimmicks throughout the body enable the recreation of scenes from the series
  • Details such as the moving Ram Cannons on the shield, the "Schlag" Long-Range Beam Cannon on the back, and the range of articulation despite the Mobile Suit's hefty silhouette enable dynamic action poses
  • Kit includes: "Todesblock" a 337mm Plasma-Sabot Bazooka, "Kaefer Zwei" 2-barrel 115mm Ram Cannon shield, a set of foil stickers and a set of marking stickers
  • Only product with affixed official Bluefin label has been thoroughly tested for safety and meets all North American consumer product safety regulations and entitles the purchaser to product support assistance

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