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After the Fall of the Mages (Lyndra, Sophia, etc) , magic has been banned and those who are born with magic powers are hunted down like freaks.
On top of being born with a magic power she didn't want, Rowena was also born a tiefling and thus condemned to a life on the run.
She lives a poor life on the run, while desperately searching for ways to control her powers she doesn't understand. Nobody ever taught her to use magic. The only way she has to remember is by writing runes and notes everywhere she can (she can't afford a spellbook and neither knows how to write). the runes she writes are instinctive, but , to her , they make sense

Character: 108x137x70mm
Largest Piece: 113x53x130mm

All prints are done in high 8k resolution with high quality resin in either light or dark grey.  This statue is unassembled and not painted or primed.

We take pride in our prints and care in cleaning, curing, and packaging, but because this is a 3D printed item it may have some blemishes or other minor errors. The statue may be printed in separate pieces and will require assembly, but usually not more than a few pieces.  You can refer to this photo when assembling.

*comes unpainted and unassembled 

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